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  • Power Solitaire Game
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    Power Solitaire

    Power Solitaire

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    Good things should be shared with people. Today, I want to share a good game with you. Have you heard this game: Power Solitaire? This game looks nice and all of this Game is full of the sense of magic. The color is purple, which makes the game more mysterious. Build foundations in each suit from ace to jack, and build columns down in alternating colors. Empty columns can be filled with a jack or a jack-sequence. No backing let this game more challenging. I can’t wait to play it. Try it soon!
    • King of Solitaire
      King of Solitaire

      Do you often play the Solitaire? If so, then I would like to say you will like this kind of game. This game is based on Standard Tri Peaks Solitaires rules. Click ascending or descending cards to put

    • Golf Solitaire Pro
      Golf Solitaire Pro

      Golf Solitaire Pro is a small game about solitaire. It’s very simple and easy to play. For example, when you see 8, you should click 7 or 9. Try to move the cards as possible as you can. When yo

    • Magic Towers Solitaire
      Magic Towers Solitaire

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    • Pirate Solitaire
      Pirate Solitaire

      Pirate Solitaire is a small game. You get a lot of fun playing it. Click on cards that one number higher or lower than the foundation cards, seen at the bottom of the screen. And when there are no mor

    • Freecell 1.1
      Freecell 1.1

      What would you do when you feel boring? Cannot find anything to do, go for a walk, or just cannot find anything to do? If so, why not try this game: Freecell1.1.This game is unique and playing it is r

    • Snow White Solitaire
      Snow White Solitaire

      This is a small game about solitaire. You just need to put every card by a regular rule. For example, when you see 8, you should put 7 or 9 on the surface of card 8. When you play the game, you will f

    • Steel Tower Solitaire
      Steel Tower Solitaire

      Are you still unhappy for not having a good game to have fun? Don’t worry about it. Today, I’d like you recommend a wonderful game for you. Do you often play the solitaire? If so, then I r

    • Wild West Solitaire
      Wild West Solitaire

      There’s always good things occurred. These days I find a good game, which called Wild West Solitaire. It’s really too fascinating that I really think that you should try this game. Build t

    • Castle Solitaire
      Castle Solitaire

      Castle Solitaire is really a nice game. You must get lots of fun playing it. Click on card that is one higher or lower than the card shown in the discard pile to remove it from the board. And when the

    • Pyramid Solitaire - Aztec
      Pyramid Solitaire - Aztec

      When I was a kid, I was always worried about finding a good game to kill my time. I have tried a lot of games when I find this game:Pyramid Solitaire – Aztec. I consider it the best solitaire ga

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